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You may already have had your fill of commentary, polemic, opinion, analysis, statements, examinations, reviews, overviews, argumentation, debate, contention and disputation that is the EU referendum. We can’t offer you a framework for your decision-making but we can offer some sources which may help you reach a conclusion about which way to vote on Thursday, 23 June 2016.

The first thing you’ll need to do is make sure you are registered to vote. The deadline is 7 June 2016.


The official site for details about eligibility  and how to register is:

Electoral Commission

The Electoral Commission is the independent overseer of the referendum process and seeks to ensure its fairness.

explanation of the procedure

lead campaigns

The In Campaign Ltd:

Vote Leave Limited:

YouGov – analysis of public opinion

The results of an extensive opinion poll conducted over the summer in 2015:

NatCen Social Research

Additional impartial information on voting intentions:

Chatham House – Royal Institute of International Affairs

Expert opinion from this prestigious and highly respected think-tank:

BBC – All you need to know

A series of short questions and answers about the referendum with links to other sources

Logo - European Central Bank

UK national news media

Please note that many national newspapers now charge for access to their online editions. As a library member you have free access to a range of current and archive editions of all UK national and regional newspapers and selected business journals. Library members will be able to search, save, print and email all articles from NewsBank from any of our libraries and from home. Just visit this link:, scroll down  and click on Newsbank.

Independent Television News (ITN) – ¦ ¦
Europa & the Bull
Sky News –
The Big Project (A website directory listing English language versions of European mainland newspapers) –
Coverage by academic institutions
The University of Keele

A list of websites on the In/Out EU Referendum 2016.  A lot of scrolling required:

London School of Economics

A series of 67 videos on YouTube where LSE academics discuss the issues:

History of the European Union


Encyclopaedia Britannica

Just visit this link:, scroll down to Encyclopaedia Britannica Online and select the Junior, Student or Adult edition and type European Union into the search box.

Europa – official website of the European Union

Library catalogue

You can also search our library catalogue for the various titles we hold on the European Union. We’d recommend Oxford University Press’s Very Short Introduction: The European Union by John Pinder.

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