As we approach the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War 1 on 4 August 1914 the Local Studies team is commemorating events that had a significant impact on everyday life in the Borough at that time.

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Follow the Drum 2014 - 18 (3)

Discover the story of how troops were recruited into the forces in the Borough through accessing archive material yourself, such as this original poster for the Marching Bands in the Sladen Collection.

The local population was enjoying typical events such as the Band of Hope Fete, with a decorated procession through the town and a programme of sporting competitions with prizes at the Wesleyian College, Richmond on the 4 July 1914.   There were royal visits, for example Prince and Princess Alexander of Teck were guests of honour at a garden party held on 4 July 1914 by Lord and Lady Michelham at Strawberry Hill.  The weather was good and the gardens looked beautiful as the Band of the 2nd Life Guards played.  The entertainment was Mr Lorenzo’s performing dogs and geese.

King Manuel and Queen Augusta Victoria opened the 44th exhibition of the Hampton Hill and Hampton Cottage Tagg's Island (2)Garden Society, held on Karsino (Taggs Island).  The ferry boat was florally decorated with the Portuguese colours.   Across the Borough local societies and clubs also went on annual day trips and some of the information about these other socials is held in the archives.

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[ by Patricia Moloney, Heritage Assistant ]